Press Release – Adaptive Sports March 13-2017

Students in the TRU Tourism Department’s Event Management 2170 class (Fundraising in Non-profits) are getting hands-on experience with fundraising for the ever-needing charitable sector in the Kamloops region.
The class is partnering with Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP), which provides personalized skiing and snowboarding instruction to people with mobility and cognitive challenges such as spinal cord injury and autism. The class is developing a crowdfunding campaign, which seeks to “move both heart and mind” in convincing people to donate even small amounts to important causes, through online platforms like Kickstarter or Causevox. Donations can be as little as $20, and all funds go directly to ASSP, with a special focus on individuals facing financial difficulties and cannot afford the program costs.
“We are delighted that this campaign will allow us to offer lessons to all interested students, including those facing the additional barrier of financial hardship,” says Pat McKimmon, President of ASSP. “This partnership provides opportunities for students to experience the freedom and fun of snow sports. Our volunteer instructors tell us they get back as much, or more, than they give. The smiles and laughter shared by students and instructors are priceless.”
This year, students chose ASSP as the focus of their fundraising efforts, being compelled by the organization’s laudable message of hope for people with significant challenges, their successes in achieving incredible results on a shoestring budget, and their ongoing fundraising needs.