Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP) has been given a grant of $7,500 from United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo.

The grant will go towards operational costs such as rent, marketing, recruitment and events.

ASSP secretary Veronica Connors said operational costs are often the most difficult to receive funding for.

“It’s very hard to get funding for operational costs, we were absolutely delighted to receive this grant from them for our operational fund.”

Those costs are often covered by fees charged to out of town students. Other main fundraisers include the annual Firefighters’ Gala which has selected ASSP as one of this year’s two charities.

Connors said their website is an important item they want to focus on, as is recruiting to continue growth.

“To stay as a growing organization is imperative for us.”

The program averages 50 instructors and 60 local students in addition to visiting students. To maintain current growth rates they must add 30 per cent more instructors and 20 per cent more students each year.

Mike Levitt, head of recruitment for ASSP, said this year the focus is on bringing in more students.

Recruitment campaigns are run during the summer and fall. To find new students ASSP works with retired teachers. They have  also partnered with nearby schools and will take part in a community day at the Henry Grube Centre to meet with those in the school district and other community members.

Things like a booth at Thompson Rivers University’s Back to School Barbeque bring in many new instructors each year and raise awareness of the organization.

Volunteer instructors are given all relevant training and always teach in pairs.

The United Way’s goal of helping kids be all they can be aligns well with ASSP’s goal of helping kids have fun and coming back for the next lesson.

“A lot of our students don’t believe in themselves,” Connors said. “We focus on individual students so there is no pressure to compete or understand team rules, there’s no disappointment. We ensure our student has fun and wants to come back next week.

“We share the same goal, we’re involved in health adventure and help them believe in themselves. We’re helping children realize their full potential.”

Connors said ASSP would like to thank the United Way for the generosity in awarding the grant.

Anyone interested in volunteering as an instructor can visit or email Levitt at