Lesson Expectations

­Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks reserves the right to deny service for medical, safety or behavioural reasons.


  • All participants are required to wear a helmet.
  • Participants who have had significant seizure activity in the past year and will be riding the chair lift must supply and wear a body harness.
  • For the safety of student and volunteers, there is  a weight limit for sit-skiers who must be lifted onto the chair lift.

Behaviour Standards:

  • Behaviour issues can be a part of many disabilities. Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks makes every attempt to accommodate all aspects of an individual’s disability. However, volunteers are not prepared to deal with significant behavioural issues.
  • The volunteer coordinator must be advised of any issues of concern so we can work together to ensure a positive and safe experience for all – participants and volunteers.
  • Unacceptable behaviour includes: self-abuse, physical and verbal abuse of others, sexual overtures or contact, violence, profanity, a consistent unwillingness to participate in activities.
  • Caregiver accompaniment may be requested, or, in extreme situations, exclusion from the program will result, if a participant exhibits any of the above behaviours.


  • For most programs, participants must be 6 years of age. Generally, sessions will be 1 to 1½ hours.

 Personal Needs:

  • Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks volunteers are not prepared or trained to handle significant personal care needs such as restroom or feeding needs. Individuals requiring extra support for restroom and other personal care needs must provide their own caregiver. Volunteers will not dispense medication to participants.
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