About Us

towThe concept of an expanded adaptive snow sports program at Sun Peaks was first discussed by a small group of volunteers and personnel from the Sun Peaks Resort Corporation in June 2007. The name Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks (ASSP) was formally adopted by a core group of volunteers at an inaugural steering committee meeting in January 2008 following a Level 1 Instructor Training Course facilitated by an instructor from the Disabled Skiers Association of British Columbia (DSABC). Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks was granted status as a not for profit society by the Province of British Columbia in April of 2010.

The focus of Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks is to provide opportunities for people with a wide range of disabilities to participate in adaptive snow sports and recreation programs at Sun Peaks Resort.

A primary role of Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks is to serve the needs of people with disabilities in the community of Kamloops and surrounding areas. For example, one of the major goals of the program is to work with students with disabilities in Kamloops and the surrounding area, allowing them to experience the freedom, joy and satisfaction of skiing with their classmates.

Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks works in consultation with staff at Guest Services and the Snow Sports School to provide an optimum level of customer service to resort visitors with disabilities.

Programs offered by Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks include:

  • ­Adaptive learn to ski/snowboard lessons (including sit-ski, 3-track, 4-track, sight and hearing impaired adaptations  as well as adaptations for intellectual and cognitive disabilities).
  • Ski Buddy program to accompany and/or assist students with “guided mileage” (practice) for their skiing/snowboarding.
  • ­Companion program to accompany guests with a disability who do not desire/require a formal lesson.
  • ­School program to assist students with a disability to participate in school sponsored programs.
  • ­Training and continued development of volunteer instructors to deliver these programs and facilitate a positive and safe experience for participants.
  • ­The loan and supervision of adaptive equipment for use by guests at Sun Peaks Resort as well as assistance with the maintenance of such equipment.

Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks is a registered charity, not-for-profit society and relies on the generosity of contributions, sponsorship, fundraising efforts and volunteers to run our services. If you would like to make a donation or are aware of a potential sponsor, please contact us at adaptivesportsatsunpeaks@gmail.com. Thank you for your support!

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